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Software Engineering and Technology Consulting


Mobile Application Development

bringing applications to life on today's most exciting mobile platforms, including iPhone™, iPad™, Android™, BlackBerry Java
and other J2ME-enabled devices

Smartphone Development

UML Diagram

Object Oriented Analysis and Design

detailed object modeling of your system, using standard UML, to produce designs that will be modular, robust, extensible, buildable, and well-documented

Java/C++/C# Coding

development in Java, C# and ANSI C++ for portable applications, adhering to high-quality coding standards, promoting maintainability and fewer defects for the customer (internal or external!)

Java C++ Code picture

CNC machine

Process Automation and Computer-Aided Machining

specialized integration of computers, both embedded/proprietary and PC-based, and manufacturing processes for higher quality, repeatability, and lower total costs

System-of-Systems Concept Design

high-level design, down to fine-grained infrastructure details, for today's complex, highly networked systems of heterogeneous platforms and product domains

System of Systems

Network Topology

Network Communication

software applications and infrastructures for enabling interoperable communications using many of the current internet-based, embedded, or specialized protocols

Mathematical Computing and Scientific Analysis

mathematical analysis of complex physical problems using custom software, as well as popular math packages, for scientific or engineering purposes

Mathematical Analysis

Software Architecture

Software Architecture

high-level architecture work, with a focus on cleanly-layered, portable, flexible solutions, as well as a keen eye on the tradeoffs involved in writing vs. subcontracting the various pieces of your final architecture

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