Nathan Scandella's personal homepage

This is the home page for Nathan Scandella's personal web identity.  This page is in no way affiliated with the corporate identity of Nathan's small business, Enscand, Inc.  The coexistence of these pages on the domain is simply a convenience because Nathan's too busy to maintain two separate web sites.  Ok, `nuff said.  

I also have intentionally made the look and feel of these pages as boring as possible to save server bandwidth, and also make my commercial site look fancier by comparison. Pretty lame, I know.


A place to find files I transfer for miscellaneous purposes.


My homepage from when I was a grad student, and had more time to document my personality.


Private, so don't even try to access, unless you're me.  If you're me, then disregard this crotchety message.



Money As Debt

Participation Rate statistics (the real unemployment data)
or the Employment - Population Ratio (also the real unemployment data!)

Some personal photos.

Time well spent (?) analyzing basketball.

A link to a little back of the envelope analysis I did concerning the question of whether it is better to walk or run in the rain, assuming you're trying to minimize how wet you get.